Professional Design Help:

For those looking for someone else to help in the design of their future makeover or new build in both a residential and commercial application, we have you covered.  We work with an interior design expert who can make your dream home/condo/office look and feel like just like an episode of “Fixer Upper.”  Help can include simple layout advice to the complete finished look of a decorated home. For information on interior design and how to contact our expert please contact us for further info.

Self Help Design Process:

Our process taps into what you have visually seen and like.  You may have seen things on HGTV, while visiting a friend’s house, at your favorite store/restaurant, or something on the internet.  Just snap a picture when you like it.  We have you create a Pinterest Board (Don’t worry we will help you if you have never used Pinterest before). Next, you start filling a Pinterest board with pictures (you don’t need to worry about liking everything in the picture just fill it with as many pictures as you can). All you need to like is one aspect of the picture. Then when you have filled the board with enough pictures, share the board with us.  We will then analyze your board an ask you specific questions about individual aspects of the photos. This process is one way to create the precise look you want to achieve.

Example of a Pinterest Board below:
Sample questions we might ask you:

Do you like the darker floor tile in this pictures?


Do you like the framed mirror in this picture?


How do you feel about the vanity design and color in these pictures?


Below is a video about the Pinterest Basics, for help with creating your Pinterest account and making a Pinterest Board. 

Pinterest Basics