Planning & Scheduling

Here at Ludwig Restorations we feel that the most important part of any project large or small is planning and scheduling. This requires a little more work on the part of both the client and us. We have found that with a detailed plan from the start, our projects have a much higher percentage of an on-time on-budget completion.  Learn more below.


When a job begins with poor planning, the customer is almost always disappointed in some aspect of the end result. In most cases this is due to contractors starting a project without a clear idea of how the client envisions the end result to look. For our clients who don’t have designer/architectural plans, we have developed an easy process to help you show us what you are envisioning. If you don’t even know what you want our Self Help Design Process can help you get the ball rolling.


We use our own proprietary time scheduling software that allows us to provide a more realistic time frame for when you might expect your project to be complete. The software factors in special orders, lead time, product and subcontractor availability, and previous jobs to name a few.  We have found this process to give our customers a more accurate timetable. We work on a first come/ first availability policy so no matter how small or big your project may be you will always get an honest and reliable finish date.  We also offer a discount on services when we are working with unoccupied homes. Contact us for more details.

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