Ludwig Restoration will work with you to expertly renovate the interior of your home. We believe that a renovation is an investment in your home. While using your existing homes layout we will help transform your space to be more functional. By working with local real estate agents and knowing the market we can easily find the areas which will create the most value in your property.


We mostly focus on the interior aspects of homes. When completing larger projects that involve exterior work we do subcontract with local businesses that specialize in those fields.

Kitchen Remodel

We approach kitchen remodels by first viewing the space and job scope with the client to design a plan to gives you the most functionality while expanding your usable space. If you plan on a remodel we can walk you through your options and what will work for your space. It’s about giving you all the modern options available in today’s kitchens while still sticking to a budget.

Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel:
  1. Increase your home’s value.
  2. Reduce energy costs by upgrading your appliances to higher energy efficiency products.
  3. Improve functionality by adding more cabinets or installing smarter cabinet hardware like pull out bottom drawers
  4. Increase lighting with undercabinet lights? and can lighting.
  5. Upgrade your electrical and plumbing to new safety standards


If a whole kitchen remodel is not in your budget consider refacing you Kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Refacing

Looking to save money and refresh your kitchen without tearing everything out. In most cases your cabinet boxes are in great shape but your doors are not functioning or look dated. By keeping your existing cabinet boxes you save money by not having to remove your countertop and backsplash or completely gut you kitchen.

Benefits of a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:
  1. An eco-friendly option. Preventing less waste material going into our landfills.
  2. Less time without a kitchen with a quicker turn around.
  3. Keep your existing countertops.
  4. Brand new doors matched to any style with new hardware.
  5. Obtaining a new look for less money.
  6. Use of your kitchen through duration of the project.
Our process goes as follows:

We start by measuring all of your current cabinet boxes and determine if any need to be rebuilt. Next, fabricating all new doors and drawer fronts in the style you have chosen. After choosing the exact color you desire the painting process begins. This process takes a few weeks. The next step is in home work. This process consists of re-facing and painting your existing cabinet boxes and installing new European hardware on all the doors and drawers. Most commonly this portion is a 3-5 day minimally invasive step. This is a great option for clients who don’t want to be without a kitchen for weeks at a time and would like to save money. For more information or to see if this is an option for your kitchen please contact us.

Bathroom Remodel

We approach bathroom remodels much like any project.  First, by examining the current bathroom. We then work with the client to design a plan to gives the most functionality and space. There are many parts to consider when remodeling a bathroom and we will discuss these when we meet.

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel:

  1. Increase your home’s value
  2. Add more space
  3. Upgrade your plumbing fixtures and valves before they become a bigger problem
  4. Upgrade your electrical wiring to increase lighting, move outlets, or enhance an exhaust system.
  5. Upgrade your electrical and plumbing to new safety standards
  6. Removal of mold which is commonly found in older bathrooms in humid areas.


Most of the time a bathroom remodel is limited by the existing floor plan.  With modern design and options, you can make your bathroom more functional and feel more spacious.

Whole Home Remodeling

Love your home and the location but feel your house is outdated? The smart choice for some of our clients is a whole home remodel. You can obtain that new home feeling with the design of your choice to give a fresh look. Rearranging the floor plan of your home can provide more space and functionality for you, your renters , family, or guests.

Benefits of a whole home Remodel:
  1. Save time and money when you do all of your home improvements at one time.
  2. Open up and utilize unused space in your current layout
  3. Improve your energy efficiency by upgrading insulation and airgaps.
  4. Upgrade your home’s electrical status by better placement of outlets and lights. Bring your electricity up to current safety standards
  5. Upgrade plumbing. Move the location of your sink, install an additional sink, or installing refrigerator water hookups are all available options with whole home remodels. Bring plumbing up to safety standards to help stop potential leaks.
  6. Improve your homes air quality by fixing/adding/upgrading your HVAC system and exhaust systems.
  7. Increase your rental income


Easy whole home Remodel Price Tiers

We know that not everyone has an unlimited budget to spend on their home. After viewing the property, we can provide you with options that can will save you money and still give you that new home feel.

Contact us to learn more.